To unite the good will and resources of the Greater Rochester community so that everyone can thrive.


United Way addresses critical challenges by connecting local people in need with evidence-based programs, strategic funding investments, community initiatives, volunteer support and community leadership to direct resources and solve problems.
Rochester is one of the most generous and caring communities in America. We work together to create real, meaningful impact for the most vulnerable members of our community. United Way is leading this charge with the support of donors, our business community, local leaders, program service providers, volunteers and community members.


United Way Community Impact Fund investments focus on prevention, early intervention and the application of best practices to create a significant impact for local people in need. Community Fund programs provide a regional network of support services and safety-nets to help people across all walks of life and levels of need. As the Community Impact Fund grows, so will United Way’s ability to move the needle on solutions to our community’s most critical challenges.

Poverty is consistently at the center of Greater Rochester’s most “wicked problems”. As our community works together to combat the devastating effects of poverty on families and individuals, resources and the local economy, United Way’s community impact efforts support programs and services that impact existing and emerging needs so that everyone can thrive.

Tens of thousands of local people donate millions of dollars each year to the Community Impact Fund, entrusting United Way to make a lasting impact of change and improvement for our community today, and for generations to come.


United Way revised its investment approach in 2008 to better address community needs through a focused, strategic funding process. The organization convened hundreds of community members, subject matter experts, community investment volunteers, service providers, people impacted by poverty and those needing services to provide insight about Greater Rochester’s most daunting health and human service issues.
Community input focused on four major areas of impact and need—helping people meet their basic needs of food, shelter and clothing so they can focus on addressing other major life concerns; giving babies a healthy start to life with support for new parents; setting students on a path for success in school, work and life; and supporting our aging population and those who are caring for elders locally.
Addressing poverty-related challenges and providing inclusive services for people with disabilities are overarching standards throughout all community impact strategies and investments.


All programs and initiatives supported by United Way’s Community Impact Fund donations are monitored, measured and evaluated regularly to confirm they’re achieving positive results for our community and local people in need.
United Way organizes learning circles to share best practices among program providers, and evaluates its Community Impact Fund investments in two ways:

  • Program-level measurements to ensure results are meeting the needs of the people they serve.
  • Community-level assessments to make sure key issues and challenges are addresses holistically.
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