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BoardStrong is a digital matching and e-learning program that builds strong, effective, and diverse Boards of Directors to serve our local community.

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There are more than 4,800 nonprofits in Greater Rochester that provide vital services to thousands of people.

Our community is also fortunate to have many passionate people with skills that could be beneficial to our local nonprofits. 

Enter BoardStrong! As an online platform, BoardStrong trains and provides resource materials for volunteers on board governance and what it takes to be a great board member. It then allows nonprofits in need of board members and volunteers seeking board or committee service the opportunity to learn more about each other, connect, and match the volunteer leadership needs of the nonprofit with the interests and passions of individual candidates.
BoardStrong CAN HELP YOU:
  • Find volunteer leadership opportunities with local nonprofits to support with your time and talent.
  • Recruit volunteers to serve as directors on nonprofit boards and committees through an online platform.
  • Provide access to training and support for nonprofit volunteer leadership.

BoardStrong builds a bridge between community-minded individuals and organizations that can benefit from active  and engaged board members. 
About BoardStrong
BoardStrong is a statewide program of Governance Matters, Inc., a nonprofit affiliate of The New York Council on Nonprofits (NYCON). United Way of Greater Rochester, in partnership with Governance Matters, serves as our region’s lead organization and is the convener of the initiative’s Greater Rochester  Advisory Council.


Visit to join a local board or committee, or to recruit new board members. 

We are here to help! 
Contact 585 242-6510 or email us


Complete a short online course, Good Practices for Good Boards, to learn the roles and responsibilities of serving  on a nonprofit board, or to become familiar with the training  your volunteers will go though. 


Volunteers can search for board and committee positions,  and nonprofits can search for prospective board members.

Upon matching, volunteers can reach out to organizations to learn more, and organizations can begin the formal board nomination process.
Thank you to our partners that helped bring this resource to our community: