The Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative is a community-informed strategy developed to coordinate and align resources, policies and practices in an effort to reduce poverty in the Rochester and Monroe County region.

This community-wide initiative is a result of collaboration from local leaders, local and state government, service providers, the faith community, volunteers and people impacted by poverty.


These organizations and initiatives are working together to help individuals and families connect to services, while building community connections and working on system-wide changes to overcome poverty in Rochester and Monroe County.

  • City of Rochester
  • Connected Communities
  • Finger Lakes Performing Providers System (FLPPS)
  • Pathways to Prosperity
  • ROC the Future

The Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative (RMAPI) is an unprecedented community-wide effort to reduce poverty in the Rochester and Monroe County region by 50 percent over the next 15 years.


Hundreds of people from across the community developed a set of shared values that will serve as the foundation of our work to reduce poverty. To reach our goals, we must all understand and embrace these shared values:

BUILD AND SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY: Help to rebuild struggling neighborhoods with quality support services, for example businesses, healthcare and strong community schools, to make them safe, healthy and livable.

ADDRESS STRUCTURAL RACISM: End the activities and actions that continue racial inequality in public policies, institutional practices and other cultural norms.

ADDRESS TRAUMA: Help to heal people and neighborhoods that are suffering from repeated experiences with trauma; provide support and services that are sensitive to traumatic experiences like abuse, addiction and violence.

Click here to join RMAPI by signing the pledge to follow and share these principles.

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