The Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative (RMAPI) is a multi-sector community collaborative with a goal to improve quality of life by reducing poverty and increasing self-sufficiency. To do this, RMAPI is focused on increasing income, making basic needs more affordable and accessible, and lowering concentrations of poverty.

United Way is proud to serve as the host and fiscal agent for RMAPI. 


These principles inform the work of RMAPI and serve as a guide for community decision-making. All RMAPI activities, interventions and strategies should address these principles. 

BUILD AND SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY: Help to rebuild struggling neighborhoods with quality support services, for example businesses, healthcare and strong community schools, to make them safe, healthy and livable.

ADDRESS STRUCTURAL RACISM: End the activities and actions that continue racial inequality in public policies, institutional practices and other cultural norms.

ADDRESS TRAUMA: Help to heal people and neighborhoods that are suffering from repeated experiences with trauma; provide support and services that are sensitive to traumatic experiences like abuse, addiction and violence.

Click here to learn more about RMAPI's Guiding Principles.

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