About United Way


Our mission is to unite the good will and resources of the Greater Rochester community so that everyone can thrive.

We are proud of the shared history of 100+ years of innovation and people coming together to strengthen the Greater Rochester region.




We harness the power of collective giving to unite community members, businesses and local leaders in doing good as they raise their hands, open their hearts, and share resources to build a thriving region for all.


United Way connects and supports a broad network of human service organizations, community initiatives and innovative strategies to address our most pressing local challenges with real, impactful solutions


United Way brings together local people, companies, nonprofits and leaders in collective giving to build a thriving community for all. Investments in United Way's Community Impact Fund provide the essential building blocks of opportunity—Health, Education and Economic Mobility—for thousands of people throughout our region.
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We believe in equity. In social justice. In safety.
But we know our community is far from being equitable, socially just, or safe for all.
Racism and discrimination have no place in our community. We must work together to end systemic and structural racism. No one organization or individual can do it alone.
United Way will continue to connect resources with needs, and people with action. We stand firm in our commitment to make our community equitable and just.
We hear you. We see you. We will be part of the solution.

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