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Identify Community Issues

United Way of Greater Rochester has developed a focused plan from the Community Fund—called the Blueprint for Change. The Blueprint outlines United Way's funding priorities; Meeting Basic Needs, Giving Babies the Best Start, Preparing Kids for Success and Supporting Seniors & Caregivers.

The process of developing these Blueprints began with a community needs survey in which we asked the community what mattered most and on what United Way should focus. The results were clear: help children succeed, keep our community safe, help older adults and those who care for them to stay strong and active in the community for as long as possible.

Once we knew the issues that mattered to you most, we set about developing the plan. The process was rigorous, but also inclusive and transparent. Hundreds of professional human service providers and topic experts worked with us to develop the Blueprint. And we were committed to ensuring that the voices of those we serve were a part of the process as well. We focused on preventive, direct-service programs that are proven to work and evidence based. We also developed an evaluation plan to ensure the strategies we selected are working to make a difference.

Read more about our process of developing our Blueprints for Change in our most recent Community Report.

After identifying community issues, United Way then uses your donations to fund community solutions.